Our method

Communicating is a job.
To not make mistakes,
one might as well do it methodically.”

Stakeholders’ mapping and position paper

To define an effective strategy, you need to know the allies, competitors, and detractors of the subject you are working on. To do so, we carry out a meticulous – and constantly evolving – mapping of the players involved.

Media and social media monitoring

What is your image in the media? What are people saying about you on social media? Monitoring in real time what is being told about the company or institution you represent is an invaluable tool for building your action plan.

Legislative and opinion trends monitoring

We follow the evolution of the legislative framework daily, to seize opportunities or prevent difficulties that you may encounter. And to better assist you, we analyze public opinion at your side, or question the French on the social issues that concern you (surveys, barometers, studies).

Analysis of competitors’ positioning

What are the elements that differentiate you?
We analyze your strengths and those of your competitors to enlighten your strategic decisions.

Creation of your speech elements and definition of your raison d’être

Citizens are – rightly so – becoming increasingly demanding of companies and institutions. They question your mission and the impact you have on society. Therefore, we accompany you to help you define your raison d’être.
Going beyond the particular interest, federating allies, giving meaning to your action; this at the heart of our business.

Implementation of an action plan

Once you have specified your purpose and established your message, all that remains is to define an action plan. Make your voice heard, rally actors to your cause, promote your ideas and defend them. Whatever your needs, no action plan is impossible if the foundations are well laid.

Regular evaluation of the launched actions

To make sure we are moving in the right direction, we regularly evaluate the impact of the actions taken. Is the goal being met? If so, can we move on to the next step? And if not, why didn’t it work and what alternative should be proposed?

Graphic support and creation of visual contents

Because a good image is often better than a long speech, we give great importance to the design and graphics that support your ideas.