Manifesto ENGLISH

Ad: towards
Sentis/Sentire: meaning


We see our work as a series of encounters.

The meeting of a need and a know-how, of an advocacy to carry out and an ability to make it heard, or even of interests that one might think irreconcilable. This is because we believe that there is always a place of encounter that we work by your side.

Citizens are increasingly expecting institutions and companies to respond to the major challenges of our time. This reality may seem restrictive. On the contrary, it allows us to adopt strategic choices, influence and communication actions that consider the interests of each stakeholder.

In short, to build what brings us together.

Each issue is unique and singular, as is the response to it. Our credo: to listen to your expectations, to understand and better accompany you in the construction of your strategy and your advocacy.

Finally, to ensure that we are the best ambassadors for your projects, we place ethics at the heart of our support. We therefore only defend issues that we believe in, when we are convinced that they are synonymous with the future, capable of uniting rather than dividing.


To support your strategic thinking

To define your messages and carry them

To implement an influence strategy

To speak to the media or to manage sensitive communications

AdSentis is at your side to support all your organization’s key issues.


Arnaud Terrisson

Arnaud Terrrison

Founder of AdSentis, I previously worked as account director at CLAI, awarded “Influence Agency of the Year” and as head of communication and public affairs for Vin & Société, which brings together 500,000 wine and vine industry stakeholders in France.

I work with my clients on corporate communications, public affairs, media relations and crisis communications. For example, I have had the opportunity to work with clients such as AESIO and MAIF (mutual insurance companies), BlackRock (world leader in asset management), Amazon, BPI France le Lab, Les ” Maison de la Presse “, and the Lilly laboratory.

I graduated from The Political Institute of Sciences Po Aix, and now share my experience in the field of influence with the Master students in communication and journalism of Sciences Po Aix.

Théo Mazars

Publishing director of the sports and society mook Caviar, I joined AdSentis in 2020 as a consultant and graphic designer.

Specialized in the world of sports and culture, I manage the agency’s graphic and design offer. From graphic identity to the realization of editorial projects, I accompany our clients in the development of their ideas and the construction or renewal of their image.

Théo Mazars